Here below, more detailed information about who trusted my vision and my working method, along with my profiles on social networks.

Senior Creative Artist Freelance
May 2019 – Present | Padua, Italy
I put all my know-how to help studios to work better with less stress.
I can provide services such as:

- Creative Direction of your projects
- Pitching ideas to your investors and clients
- Masterplanning entertaining experiences for any kind of targeted audience
- Storyboards for visual previews
- Environment design and sets design, from scratch to schematic design
- Characters and mascots design, in line with brand goals
- Matte paintings and photo bashing for strong communicative artworks
Now opening sessions of mentorship and workshops about "Creative Facilitation".
P.IVA: 05219220281

Creative Director | Sep 2021 – Present | Padua, Italy
Creative direction and supervision of licensing and custom projects for Red Raion, the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions.

Senior Concept Designer | Sep 2019 – Present | Riese Pio X, Italy
Design and concepts development of outdoor and indoor theme parks, themed entertainment areas and resorts, along with mascot design.
Senior Digital Matte Painter | Jul 2020 – Sep 2020 | Padua, Italy
I accomplished remotely multiple kinds of shots for upcoming series and movies.

Senior Concept Artist | Mar 2017 – Mar 2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Spatial planning, design and development of branded edutainment family entertainment centre; supervising junior artists and helping with the coordination of projects. Some of the clients: National Geographic, DreamWorks.

2D Artist Freelance | July 2017 – Sep 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
I worked as a remote matte painter and colour key artist for the Lighting department; credit in “44 Cats” TV series.

Creative Director | Nov 2015 – Mar 2017 | Brendola, Italy
Designed and developed outdoor and indoor theme parks; managing clients in-studio and in business trips, along with the project manager; training and supervising the art team.

Digital Matte Painter | Mar 2015 – Aug 2015 | Prague, Czechia
I accomplished multiple kinds of shots, from small retouches, to set extensions and fully MP shots for 2D and 3D projection.
Projects: “London Has Fallen” (2016), “Gods of Egypt” (2016), “Point Break” (2015), “Tyrant”- Season 2” (2015).

Maniak Games
Concept Artist | Jun 2011 – Feb 2015 | Padua, Italy
I was in charge of the design and the visual development of all the characters and for some environment design.
Projects: "Swinging Pirate!" (2013), "Evil Melvin"(2011).

Concept Artist | Mar 2014 – Aug 2014 | Roncade, Italy
I was in charge of creating concepts such as visual sketches, illustrations and storyboards, matte paintings and the final compositing for advertising projects and lessons of the master in CG.
Some of the clients: Chicco, Aprilia, Dainese, San Carlo, Disney Italia.

Art & Project S.R.L. 
Theme Park and Attraction Designer | Dec 2011 – Sep 2013 San Giorgio in Bosco, Italy
Attractions and set designer for outdoor and indoor theme parks. When needed, I've made storyboards for better visualization of some types of attractions.
Some of the clients: MSC Crociere, 3DBA, Genting Group.

Adobe Photoshop 
Adobe After Effects 
Adobe InDesign 
Autodesk Maya
 Storyboard PRO 
Concept design 
Critical thinking 
Time management 



Story & Character Masterclass + Workshop | March 2015 | Rome, Italy
Story & Character Masterclass and Workshop with PIXAR artists Matthew Luhn and Valerie LaPointe.

Master in Computer Graphics | Sep 2013 – March 2014 | Roncade, Italy
Autodesk Certified Training Center. Certificate Credential: ID 1RH8994R75

Diploma in Animation & Comic Book Art | Oct 2009 - July 2012 | Padua, Italy



Italian native speaker. Fluent in English, conversational level of French and Spanish. Deeply in love with cooking homemade pizza and The Simpsons.
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