Sara is an artist with eleven years of related experience in the entertainment industry, from theme park design to VFX and animation. 
She has a keen interest in storytelling, design, and more generally in the art of inventing since her childhood when grandad showed her how to make a little electrical circuit with lights and a battery. 
But most importantly, she is a friendly human being.

As I was about to finish my art studies, I had the opportunity to start my career as a concept artist and set designer for the theme parks industry.
I immediately noticed that the mental approach with which I had faced my studies was not enough for the requirements of my job: my drawings had to be not only good-looking on paper but useful for the subsequent construction.
You often hear the word feasibility in the theme park design industry; each drawing necessarily need a greater communicative strength than the standard. 
Dispelling as many doubts as possible at the beginning of the food chain (as I like to call the pre-production phase) is essential in order not to create subsequent slowdowns and misunderstandings. 
Misunderstandings generate a cascade of stress at the end of the process when time and money are few.
Through the years, I set my workflow on communicating ideas in a better way with visually immersive drawings of a robust design. So who's in the production should focus their time on what really matters: to make the ideas sparkle to their maximum point.


I firmly believe that communication is the key to everything in life, especially at work.
When you are part of a project, you cannot just think about your tasks and your duties. It is necessary to see the big picture and consider who is coming next after you. 
That is what I always have in mind when designing my concepts. Is this drawing visually communicative enough? Is it practical and straightforward? Is the design strong enough?
When you fill your concept art with all these considerations, you produce smart drawings. Smart drawings can travel farther than the pretty pictures per se and be more useful in multiple times.
Are you interested in trying smart drawings on your project?
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